UK300 (Yiddish) information for students

Course description

Here is a syllabus.

Class notes

These are the notes I bring for my own guide to class.

My Yiddish page

You can find lots of useful software and reading material here.

Excerpts from book

Here is pp 6-7.
Here is p 12.
Here is pp 14-15.

Videos in Yiddish

  1. Stuffed cabbage From the Forverts series, "es gezunterheyt". Sore-Rokhl speaks in Southern Yiddish; Eve Jochnowitz in Polish Yiddish
  2. A shayle baym rebn Slightly bawdy song, disrespectful of Rabbinic authority, in Standard Yiddish, sung by Jane Peppler.
  3. Di Milkh Ku Supposedly a children's song, but bawdy. Like the Irish "Seven Drunken Nights" and Child Ballad 274, sung by Randy Kloko and Jane Peppler. Standard Yiddish.
  4. Shane Baker: Cell phone Stand-up comedy; Standard Yiddish, with occasional Southern Yiddish vowels
  5. A Hard Day's Night Original Beatles video, but Yiddish dubbing in Standard Yiddish
  6. Harbstlid Folksong by Beyle Schaechter Gottesman, who died 2014. Sung by her grand-neices, Temma and Reyne Schaechter (in the background, their father Binyumen Schaechter, piano and vocals); Southern Yiddish.
  7. Clip from old Yiddish film, Tevye Source of Fiddler on the Roof, with renowned actor Maurice Schwartz; Southern Yiddish; the scene is after Khave has run off with the non-Jew Fyedke Galagan. You can see various mourning customs: removing shoes, sitting on low chairs. The fire is from the just-completed havdole.
  8. Our Children Film from 1948 with children from the Warsaw Ghetto recounting their experiences. Warsaw accent.
  9. Afn veg shteyt a boym by Itsik Manger. Standard accent. Animation.
  10. Di Goldene Pave Chava Alberstein sings her setting of Anna Margolin's poem. Standard Yiddish.
  11. hu-tsa-tsa Bruce Adler sings one of many humorous versions. Southern Yiddish, with some Americanisms.
  12. Hudl mitn Shtrudl Vaudeville/Klezmer. Southern Yiddish, with some Americanisms.
  13. Vikarien (The Substitute) Short story translated into Yiddish. From Sweden.
  14. Yiddish Pop Interactive lessons in Yiddish. Childish, but very clear; standard accent.
  15. Tumba tumba worksheet From a set of homework sessions, with texts and audio (sometimes video).

Family tree (male-centric)


Other resources

Here is a set of charts of verb, definite article, adjective, and pronoun forms.