The Tarski shoes page

I believe that the public has right to see this

By a complicated chain of events I came into possession of shoes of Alfred Tarski, the creator of the theory of Truth (The certificate of authenticity on file).
The shoes are by a shoemaker "Red Horn". The size is 42, which tells me it is a European make. While previously I could not find any information on "Red Horn", recently it was brought to my attention the there is a brand of shoes called "Animal RedHorn Shoes". This last one appears to be very "hip". If the viewer possesses more information about this company, please send me a note.

The shoes are not in good shape and could use services of a repairman. However, my family contends that I should keep them in the state I received them.

For the good of humanity I publish below two photos of these shoes.

Here is the first photo

and here is another

Posted: December 25, 2006
Last updated: October 1, 2010