Mathematical community (I was trained as a mathematician) pays attention to genealogical matters. It is like in music - your teachers matter.

My colleague Woytek (Wojciech) Guzicki, using the database of mathematical genealogy out of North Dakota State University, prepared a pdf document that shows my mathematical lineage. It shows the obvious fact: there were many VERY good mathematicians among my (mathematical) forbears. I converted this pdf document into jpg format, for instant display.

This, of course, says nothing about my own results and achievements. However, I hope, this puts some onus on my students, students of my students, etc., (I believe that, right now, there are 5 generations that follow) to continue.

So, here it is:

(For those who are patient and are willing to execute another click, the same document, this time in pdf.)

Last modified: February 24, 2011