Photos from recent ISAIM

Recent ISAIM 2008

During recent International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, Misha Kaminski and Mirek Truszczynski organized a Special Session on Logic and Artificial Intelligence. This session honors my forthcoming 65 birthday. The papers presented at the session are available at ISAIM2008 Proceedings page.

Here, I am posting the photos from accompanying festivities, with short descriptions. The order of photos was determined by the camera that saved them in some order (but, of course, in a finite set any order is a well-order).

Standing Marian Srebrny and myself. Sitting: Thomas Eiter and Mel Fitting, in the right corner Misha Kaminski and Howard Blair

This is a plaque, presented to me by my friends

Here is Marc Denecker and (half of) Thomas Eiter

Thomas Eiter drinks wine. In the background a bit of Marian Srebrny, then myself and Misha Kaminski

With backs to the camera (from right to left): Mel Fitting, John Schlipf, and Misha Gelfond. Then, in the background (from right to left): Ilkka Niemelä, Mirek Truszczynski and Jeff Remmel

At a table. On one side: Marian Srebrny, Elizabeth, myself, Misha Kaminski. On the other side (from right to left): Thomas Eiter, Marc Denecker, Janos Makowsky, Howard Blair


Both of us

Both of us again

Mirek Truszczynski is speaking, flanked by Jeff Remmel and Ilkka Niemelä

It's me again (and a bit of Misha)

Mirek Truszczynski, in a very characteristic pose

Mirek and Misha listen, as I thank the organizers

There were presents. This is the set of complete CD of late Jacek Kaczmarski, brought from Poland by Marian Srebrny

From right to left: Janos Makowsky, Marian Srebrny and me

Now also with Mirek Truszczynski

John Schlipf (and Mel Fitting and Jeff Remmel)

Group photo (from left to right): Howard Blair, Mel Fitting, Jeff Remmel, Bob Lubarsky, Misha Kaminski, Janos Makowsky, me, Thomas Eiter, John Schlipf, Marian Srebrny behind Misha Gelfond, Marc Denecker behind Alex Bochman, and Ilkka Niemelä

All of us but also Elizabeth and Mirek

Mirek Truszczynski and Ilkka Niemelä

Janos Makowski

Mirek Truszczynski

Finally, my remarks at the end of the Special Session concerning Logic and Knowledge Representation.

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