Freshman Finds Close Community, Huge Opportunity

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When she arrived on the University of Kentucky campus last August with a carload of boxes ready to move-in to the Engineering Residential College, she didn’t expect to see her future professors there offering a hand. She also didn’t expect to make a connection that would lead to a unique research opportunity during her first year in college.

“My stepmom and I were moving into my building and Dr. Seales started helping us carry up boxes,” she said. “Next thing I know, my stepmom had tripped and fallen, roughed up her arm and hand pretty badly, and Dr. Seales provided first aid to her.”

After being welcomed by Brent Seales, chair and professor of the Department of Computer Science, on move-in day, Melissa Shankle felt encouraged to get more involved in the college and department. She began attending the Society of Women Engineers meetings, where she soon listened to Seales give a talk about his work.

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