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Gaines Fellowship Awarded to Computer Science Student and Eleven Others

The University of Kentucky Gaines Center for the Humanities has chosen 12 outstanding undergraduates as new scholars for the university's Gaines Fellowship Program for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years. Gaines Fellowshipsare given in recognition of outstanding academic performance, demonstrated ability to conduct independent research, an interest in public issues and a desire to enhance understanding of the human condition through the humanities.

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Computer Science: Program for Student Success

As director of undergraduate studies for the University of Kentucky's Department of Computer Science, Jurek (Jerzy) Jaromczyk encounters many aspiring computer scientists. While he is happy to talk about curriculum, career opportunities and facilities, he finds the best way to connect a potential student’s interest in computer science to the UK College of Engineering's computer science program is to let the student become an active part of the recruitment process.

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E-Day 2013

E-Day 2013 was a great success for the Computer Science department! Dozens of students of all ages and their families came to view presentations and to participate in hands-on demonstrations.

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Upcoming: E-Day 2013

Please join us this Saturday, February 23rd for E-Day! The Computer Science department will have interactive demos for all ages in both the Davis Marksbury Building and the Ralph G Anderson building (rooms 102 and 103).

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Former UK CS Grad Student Authors one of Hottest Journal Articles since 2008

Former UK CS graduate student James Bernsen's article has been one of the top 25 hottest articles of the journal in all quarters starting October 2008.

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Top 25 Hottest Articles

The most recent paper by Prof. Grzegorz "Greg" Wasilkowski, “On tractability of approximation in special function spaces,” is 2nd on the list of 25 Hottest Articles that appeared in Journal Of Complexity for the period from September to December 2012.

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VisU Research Presentations Highlight Intercultural Collaboration

VisU, a yearly undergraduate research program developed by the Center for Visual and Virtual Environments, capped off its summer of research projects with a series of student presentations in the James F. Hardymon Theatre of the Davis Marksbury Building on Thursday, August 2. As in summers past, participants were a mixture of engineering and computer science majors from the University of Puerto Rico as well as local students. -- Kel Hahn

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UK Takes Academic Supercomputing to Next Level

The University of Kentucky commemorated 25 years of academic supercomputing with the announcement of the most powerful supercomputer in the university’s history and the award of a $1 million “cyber infrastructure” grant from the National Science Foundation.

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Computer Science Alumni Pitch Mobile App at MLB Trade Show

“We bring the game from the field into the stands!” That is the tag line for a new application named “Crowded,” developed by the Lexington-based mobile application studio Stadionaut. Stadionaut is led in part by Scott Wagner, who graduated with a B.S. in computer science in May 2012 and Evan Leach, who earned a B.S. in animal science from the College of Agriculture in December 2011.

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The Future of Computer Science: An Interview with Ken Calvert and Jim Griffioen

Computer science is a dynamic field where, as Ken Calvert, Ph.D. and chair of the Department of Computer Science, states, “The only way to stay on the leading edge is to invent everything.” Consider that 10 years ago, Facebook, Twitter and iPhones didn’t exist and iPods and digital internet were just coming into play.

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ABET Accreditation

ABETThe Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at the University of Kentucky is accredited by the ABET Computing Accreditation Commission .. read more 

For more information on ABET visit www.abet.org

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