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Computer Science Colloquia

Title: Phenomena Propagation in Large Scale Interdependent Networks: Design and Control
Speaker:  Hana Khamfroush
Affiliation:  Pennsylvania State University
Time: 4:00-5:00PM,  Thursday, February 23, 2017
Location: Theater,  Davis Marksbury Building

Abstract: When multiple networks are interconnected because of mutual service interdependence, propagation of phenomena across the networks is likely to occur. Depending on the type of networks and phenomenon, the propagation may be a desired effect, such as the spread of information or consensus in a social network, or an unwanted one, such as the propagation of a virus or a cascade of failures in a communication or service network. Much of today‚Äôs infrastructure is organized in the form of interdependent networks, and the study of phenomena propagation in these types of networks will contribute to the optimal design of many infrastructural systems including power generation networks, communication networks, transportation systems and so on. In this talk, I will discuss a general propagation model proposed to investigate the propagation of phenomena in interdependent networks. The proposed model covers multiple types of interactions and interdependency between the networks. An absorbing Markov model is used to investigate the time process of the propagation. Inspired by the simulations and analysis, a new centrality metric is proposed which is shown to be more accurate with respect to the traditional centrality metrics, in terms of characterizing the most influential nodes in propagation of phenomena. My research addresses guidelines to design networks in which the diffusion is either a desired phenomenon or an unwanted one, and consequently must be fostered or prevented, respectively. I will conclude this talk by describing my other research interests and future research plans.

Biography: Hana Khamfroush is a research associate at the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department of Penn State University. Prior to this, Hana was served as a postdoctoral scholar for one year at the computer science department of Penn State University working with Prof. Thomas La Porta. Hana received her PhD with highest distinction from University of Porto, Portugal and in collaboration with Aalborg University, Denmark in Nov 2014. She received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical engineering from Iran in 2005 and 2009, respectively. Her PhD research focused on network coding for cooperation in dynamic wireless networks. Currently at Penn State University, she is working on security of interdependent networks, and network recovery after massive disruptions. Her research interests include complex networks, communication networks, wireless communications, and mathematical modeling and analysis. Hana received a four-year scholarship from the ministry of science of Portugal for her PhD, and was awarded many travel grants and fellowships from the European Union and others. She has served on the technical program committee of IEEE ICC, IEEE PIMRC, and EW conferences, and as reviewer for many prestigious Journals and Conferences including IEEE JSAC, IEEE Transactions on Communications, and Elsevier COMNET. Hana was recently selected as the social media co-chair of N2Women community, where she initiated a series of online discussions for women in computer science to discuss gender issues.

Distinguished Lecture Series

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